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Top 5 tips for first time crypto investors.

When ever there is a massive price rally in the cryptocurrency market (like the one we are currently experiencing) the public gets inundated with hyped-up media articles, price-predictions and forecasts from ‘expert’ market analysts and /or traders, testimonials from ‘overnight millionaires’ and in addition a bunch of new projects always miraculously rear their heads. And with Bitcoin having recently reached a new all-time high the hype machine will be back in overdrive. …

In one of our very first posts we mentioned what we dislike about current ICO fundraising models and also stated our passion to contribute towards a better ICO space. One of the biggest issues currently is that post-ICO, once funds have been successfully raised, investors do not have any real control over how the money is used or the direction the project will take. This tips the scales significantly in favour of the project development teams that then have unhindered access to the funds.

This huge imbalance of power between ICO fundraisers and investors has led to the need for…

In a previous post about our market validation survey, we promised to continue rolling out different initiatives to encourage and reward community engagement in our journey to building a ‘best in class’ ICO platform run by and for the crowd. To that end, we have decided to ‘open-source’ our whitepaper, so to speak.

We have decided to open up our whitepaper to the crowd and allow them to:

  • Suggest improvements/edits to the overall services we intend to offer
  • Point out aspects of the paper that we need to expand on or provide more clarity
  • Suggest the addition/removal of specific platform…

With the development of our MVP already significantly underway, we have realised that we are at a great stage to further expand our understanding of what the market truly needs in a ‘best in class’ ICO platform. To this end, we are currently gathering information and insights about the ICO process, its current pitfalls, and proposed solutions. We have put together a survey that you can complete and use to share your thoughts. The hope is to develop an ICO platform that avoids current and future pain points for both ICO project teams and investors alike.

Other opportunities for stakeholder…

ICOs have emerged as a great capital-raising method for technology startups around the world. This is clearly evident from the success that the ICO space experienced in 2017 and the continuing success in 2018.

Kuda S

Blockchain| Cryptocurrency| Fintech | Believer in a better ICO Space

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